EKT007SZ - Front Flap Med Bag With Stuck Zipper

EquiMedic USA, Inc.

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EKT007SZ  -  Front Flap Med Bag with Stuck Zipper
This bag is in totally use-able condition - we just had to "re-purpose" it a bit because of a stuck zipper on an inner pocket. The bottom clear pocket configuration of the front flap when it is open is a double (two small) pockets. But because of the stuck zipper (bad teeth) we took the stitching out to make it one long pocket similar to some of the pockets above it. All of the rest of the bag is in perfect shape and well worth the bargain price we are placing on it. See the lower pictures for the bag's many features. This is one of our most popular med kit bags, loaded with organizational features.
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