Electrolyte Gold - Powder (Individual Packets)

EquiMedic USA, Inc.

$ 3.09 

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Individually packed in a foil pouch; mix with feed or water; quality electrolyte & vitamin source in a glucose amino acid base; won't turn to liquid in hot weather like pastes; essential to your horses fluid needs; keep him drinking water when away from home, when having to use different water systems and sources; essential to avoiding dehydration, colic, and other system stresses; don't leave home without your electrolytes; depend on it in times of heavy use and stress. Imported from Ireland. This is an essential compound for rehydration of your overheated, over taxed, overstressed and dehydrated equine partner. This electrolyte compound could well save your horse's life if he goes off water, won't drink strange tasting water away from home, or becomes dehydrated for any reason. 

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