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Discounted Large Trailering Kit (KIT007)

We have several of our Large Trailering Kits that we've moved to the Sale Barn Clearance section because of minor bag flaws - nothing major, nothing functional, dusty, smudged, sticky zippers (need lubricating), loose elastic straps, etc. All are totally functional and couldn't be distinguished from our top quality kit bags without close examination. We've moved these to The Sale Barn, so take advantage of our careful quality control and inspection that removed these few kits from top line sales, and get a good deal on these great Large Trailering Kits. Details about these kits below.

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   For Your Living Quarters Trailer:

Here is the kit for you serious haulers, with the big rigs. Put this Large Equine Trailering Medical Kit in the tack room of your big gooseneck or semi trailer and leave it there, Offering 23 more products and 188 more items than our Small Equine Trailering Medical Kit (KIT003), this product is made for you travelers who go the serious miles. We've added more human items to this kit for you folks who spend as much time away from home as do your horses. This bag design is our best tailored and most efficient. The Large Equine Trailering Medical Kit gives you a large center compartment, accessible through a large flap which folds down. The inside of the flap delivers six clear plastic pockets. The large compartment inside has a movable center divider and features many elastic loops. Two end compartments flank the center section, and an outside pocket on the back completes this versatile mobile kit. 

Rated To Service:  4 to 10 Horses

Size: 12.5" Tall; 17.5" Wide; 12" Deep   

Weight: 16 pounds

2,625 cubic inches of storage space


NEW Sale Price: $278.99

Regular Price:  $308.99


                    Retail Value: $345


                    Kit Contents: 

Front Flap Soft Sided Bag (EKT007); long wooden handled cotton tipped applicators (APP001); medical towels (APP002); wood applicators (APP003); small non-sterile dressings (BND001); small sterile dressings (BND002); non-adherent dressings (BND003); medium dressings (BND015); large dressing (BND016); cohesive bandage wrap (BND004); ½ pound cotton roll (BND007); elastic adhesive tape (BND017);  2" cohesive wrap (BND022); 6" cohesive wrap (BND023): rolled white gauze (BND024);  rolled brown gauze (BND025);  alcohol wipes (CLN001); benzalkonium chloride sanitizing towelettes (CLN002); povidone iodine swabsticks (CLN003); eye wash (CLN004); betadine surgical scrubs (CLN005); pressurized saline wash (CLN017); iodine wipes (CLN008); hydrogen peroxide (CLN006); alcohol (CLN010); betadine solution (CLN011);  microbial wipes (CLN019);  germicidal wipes (CLN020);  flashlight (EQM001); exam gloves (EQM002); hoof picks (EQM003); tourniquets (EQM004); bandage scissors (EQM006); bandage pins (EQM007); 18 gauge 1" hypodermic needles (EQM008); 10cc syringes (EQM009); 20cc syringes (EQM010); 30cc syringes (EQM011); thumb forceps (EQM012); wrap cutter (EQM013); digital thermometers (EQM021); 3cc syringes (EQM025);  6cc syringes (EQM026);  20 gauge X 1" hypodermic needles (EQM028);  antibiotic ointment packets (HUM003); hydrocortisone anti-itch packets (HUM005); analgesic pain relief packets (006); lip balm ointment packets (HUM007); sting relief wipes (HUM008); insect repellent (HUM009); sunscreen (HUM010); burn relief packets (HUM011);  3/4" self adhesive bandages (HUN012);  1" self adhesive bandages (HUM013); topical cool packets (HUM016); butterfly self-adhesive bandages (HUM017); triangular bandage (HUM032); emergency blanket (HUM038); electrolyte packets (ORL001); small instant cold packs (TOP001); large liniment (TOP004); medium antiseptic ointment (TOP006); large instant cold packs (TOP019); bloodstop (WND009); Farnum Wound Kote (WND016).



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