Small Triple Section Med Bag with Front Panel Sewn in Upside Down

EquiMedic USA, Inc.

$ 49.00 was $ 69.00

This product is currently sold out.

This bag got sewn together with the front panel in upside down ! Not so very proud of this one. But we can't sell it like this = or outfit it with kit supplies to sell it either - This bag is totally functional, everything works, we just don't like looking at our logo upside down; you might not mind that.

This is our Small Triple Section (EKT004) bag, the one our Small Barn Kit (KIT004) and our Jill Moody Signature Kit (KIT012) come in. This bag has hand carry straps in addition to a padded shoulder strap. This bag is fully functional, three sections, zippered pockets, etc., just has the front panel sewn in upside down.  

Make this great bag yours for only $49

Save $31 because of this sewing mistake

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