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An Equine First Aid Kit in Every Barn

Investment in owning a horse

If you don’t already have one, as a horse owner, an equine first aid kit should be your next equine investment. You have a sizeable expenditure made in the purchase of your horse partner, why not ensure that primary investment, with a well thought out purchase of an equine first aid kit?  An investment that could save your horse’s life!

Can you think of a single more productive and worthwhile purchase to make, to ensure the safety and well-being of your own personal horse, and all of the horses under your care, than an equine first aid kit? There likely wouldn’t be a single other item in your barn or your trailer, other than an equine first aid kit, that will hold any greater value to you and your horse(s).

What price can you place on the sanctity and peace of mind that you will experience when you know that you are doing all that you can to assure the safety and well-being of your horse? No other investment than an equine first aid kit will bring you that satisfaction and tranquility.

No matter how much bling you dress your horse in, pretty still is, as pretty does. Pretty won’t save your horse’s life. An equine first aid kit on hand can easily accomplish that mission.

Get a Horse First Aid Kit today!

When you make the decision to own and domesticate any animal, it automatically becomes your incumbent duty to be responsible for its healthy living and safety. No one else is going to come to your horse’s rescue in his time of need, except you.

Emergencies, disasters, accidents – they're always pending, just around the corner. There is no crystal ball for when mother-nature will strike (or just dumb lousy luck) and leave your horse hurt and stranded somewhere, needing you to come to the rescue. Don’t come empty handed!

It will be you who will feed, care for, groom, love, admire and respect your horse. Along with those duties, owning an equine first aid kit will complete your accountabilities and obligations, in being your horse’s advocate and care giver.

To find your horse(s) in an emergency situation, and to be caught without the appropriate supplies to give adequate equine first aid, could well be considered as abuse, and for sure be seen as neglect. And you don’t want to do that to yourself or your horse, and have to live the disappointment you will have in yourself, for not being prepared.

Legal obligations for owning a horse

Down the road owning a horse without owning an adequate equine first aid kit, could be construed as a criminal act, in your duties as the care giver of your horse(s). In the future such a neglectful act could be punishable by law. It would be a shame for you to have to find yourself forced into a situation that you should have thought of, on your own.

Being prepared for disaster: Horse Mortality Insurance

If you carry mortality insurance on your horse(s), you should know that insurance companies are taking a look at making an approved equine first aid kit mandatory, for anyone who owns and insures the life of their horse(s). The importance of being the first responder on the scene to your own horse’s emergency needs is truly considered the best opportunity for the best optimal and possible outcome to your horse’s unplanned, and unexpected disaster scenario.

An equine first aid kit may become an important tool with your mortality insurance company in the future when figuring your premium payments. Mortality insurance companies are also discussing allowing premium rate reductions for horse owners who maintain qualified equine first aid kits.

Check with your mortality insurance provider to see when they will be offering rate specialties based on your ownership of a qualified equine first aid kit, and therefore your best and most capable scenario, for administering first aid to take care of the situation, or until your equine practitioner can get to the scene, or until you can get you horse to the equine hospital.

Ask the horse owners in Colorado how they have been fairing this summer in the emergency care and evacuation of their equine partners. Rampant forest fires early this summer, followed up rather closely by expansive flooding, have left many equine partners without homes.

Many horses have been found running wild, trying to escape either fire or rising waters. Evacuation plans, ownership identification, ability to haul a horse away from disaster, and an equine first aid kit are all part of a plan that all horse owners should have readily at hand.

Being as best prepared as you can requires planning; and at the top of your “Plan” list should be an equine first aid kit from EquiMedic USA, the world leader in the design and manufacture of equine first aid kits. Visiting EquiMedic USA  will line you out with the best equine first aid kits in the market. With kits rated for the size of horse herd you own, and kit choices including barn, trailering, trail riding, economy, professional and a line of disposable mini wound care kits, EquiMedic USA will have your needs covered for you.

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