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Trail Riding Kits

At present EquiMedic USA offers it's Small Trail Riding Kit, in a deluxe horn bag specifically designed to organize and protect your horse first aid supplies and equipment while out on Trail Rides. Whether it be a few hour jaunt, a day long trail ride, or an extended trek into the back country or wilderness, this horn bag trail riding kit will service your needs for one to three horses and riders. If trail riding in a larger group be sure to have one of these kits for about every three horses out from camp, the barn or your trailer. EquiMedic is planning the introduction of it's Medium and Large Trail Riding Kits. The medium kit will come to you in a cantle bag, and the Large Trail Riding Kit will come in a very uniquely designed saddle bag design which can accommodate the Medium sized cantle bag trail riding kit attached to it to service even more horses and riders.  These trail riding kits have more human products in them than most of our other kits since the rider is more at risk when riding away from normal civilization.  Check out the Small Trail Riding kit in it's handy horn bag.


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