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Recent Amazon Customer Reviews: 

All Amazon Reviews are 5 Star !

"All good.  Thank you."
"It did come yesterday as noted and I said I did not get it yet; well I did and I'm sorry for any problems I may have caused."
"Excellent product."
"Love it and there is room to add a few more things."
"Great emergency bag. Easy to carry and well stocked with many types of equipment."
"Very pleased with it."
"Just as shown, arrived well packaged and on time."
"This item was donated for a special needs horse at Horse Sense Riding School."
"Excellent transaction."
"Top of the line bandages."
"Great ! ! ! !"
"Just what I expected. Thanks !"
"Shipped faster than expected... Nice looking kit with plenty of accessories and enough room left over to ad my own bits" 
"Goods arrived quickly."


Brooke from Wisconsin:

A very good investment! This kit has almost everything that you could possibly need. Definitely a must have while trailering !


Heather from Texas: 

Very pleased with this item, very handy to just grab and go when there's an emergency/injury at a show or on the road. There is plenty of room if more supplies are needed as well, for longer trips, or special needs. 


Deb Brown: 

This is a fabulous kit. I have one for my horse trailer and will never travel without it. 



Run Fo Rit:

“Love this medical kit. It has everything you need for emergencies big or small.”



“Fortunately I have not had to use this, but I am happy to have it handy and available in case of need.”


Shawn from Massachusetts: 

We all need to understand that horses aren't the brightest of bulbs and are bound to injure themselves. Lucky me I only live a few minutes down the road from the SmartPak retail store and what that means for me, the clearance section. I was lucky enough to grab this kit right before I headed up clinic and got this kit for a awesome price. The only things that were missing from the kit was the needles which I don't ever really use the thermometer which can be found easily at any CVS. Overall one thing that sticks out in this kit is the thought to detail that the designers put into this kit. EquiMedic USA truly spent time thinking about what the horse and rider needs and what is junk. Certain things such as the beta-dine surgical scrubs are very useful because they are a sponge that you can you to clean out wounds and dispose of after you are done. To go along with that the fact that they came up with the idea to make a divided bag so that you can organize. Personally I have mine set up and labeled it with a marker horse and human and things like cuts lameness ect... This kit has everything you need to stop major bleeding to a lame horse to if he walks in one day with a cut on his legs. I would recommend this to anyone he either has a one horse like me or 10 in their care or you will be covered in this kit.       Intermediate Level, Eventing


P.S.  .....overall keep doing what you're doing. I love EquiMedic and will always use your products !



 Caerbannog from Pennsylvania:

The bag is great to throw in your trailer or truck when you need to travel with your horse. Everything is neatly organized and visible. Items are secured and just do not roll around creating a mess to dig through to find what you need. What you need for most injuries is right there in a logically laid out manner. When you tell someone to grab the red first aid bag from the rig, they know exactly what it is. I plan to purchase another so I do not have to take the barn bag with me when I am traveling with my horses.        Expert Level, Eventing




Tlaggie from Bryan, Texas: 

Show season will be starting soon. It is always good to be prepared for whatever might happen on the road.       Novice, Western


Natforth from Alabama:

Great Start For Being New !  I was not sure what to get when looking for a starting first aid kit. However, this had all the essentials needed to start out with and covered everything great. Everything was very well packaged and labeled. Also has room for your own things to put into it such as a thermometer.       Beginner, Hunter / Jumper




InterAndEra from Hamilton, Maine:

Everything You Need And More... This is a great kit - it has all the essentials you would expect plus things like an included hoof pick ! I know most of us already have a hoof pick in the trailer but now in an emergency you don't have to go searching around for it. This kit is full of great surprises like that. The containers are also of good quality - many other kits provide you with tiny bottles of supplies - in this kit you have enough to last so you don't have to worry.       Intermediate - Hunter / Jumper



Tobys from Pennsylvania: 

Perfect Kit ! Everyone should have one. I've added a few little things to it but it's definitely a great start. 



Belladora from Westchester, New York:


Best Product I Never Want To Use !  I bought this first aid kit for our trailer so we always have it on our big adventures. I contains the key items and has room for extra stuff you might need. I also put my horse's negative coggins and other important papers in the handy outside pocket. If I never use this kit I will consider it my BEST horse related purchase ever !       Intermediate Dressage  


Pony Strides from Massachusetts: 

Portable Peace Of Mind !  In the years that I have owned this, I haven't run up against anything that wasn't included in this kit !  There are some things in the kit that I never knew I needed until I needed the. It's definitely worth the investment.  




2dogsinmd from Frederick, Maryland:

Trailer Must Have !  Having just bought our first horse trailer it was a bit overwhelming thinking of emergency items that suddenly we should have on hand. This kit solved it for us. Nice to have it all in a great bag.        Novice, Eventing



Overall - - - Awesome !   This kit has everything we need and more for our horses in our new barn. I feel secure in that if he were injured we would have the necessary items to administer the immediate need. The only problem with this kit was that when it arrived, during shipping, either the peroxide or some other liquid leaked out and the inside of the kit was we. Otherwise, we are happy to have it !




Raindancer from Seattle, Washington:

Wonderful Service !  I submitted a review for this product previously and mentioned that I received my kit with one of the electrolyte packages torn and the contents emptied inside the bag. I wanted to let other customers know that SmartPak's customer service read my review and called me. They are sending a replacement to me - at no charge. I am very impressed and wanted to pas this on. Thank You SmartPak !

Ready To Travel Now !  This kit has the supplies you hopefully never need, but must have. It is convenient to have your medical supplies all together in a bag that's is easy to find and stands out from all your other gear. There's room in the bag to add even more items. My only complaint is that one of the electrolyte packages had been torn and emptied during shipment, so I had to clean everything before putting it back together. Otherwise, everyone should have one of these.       Intermediate, All-Around 



Cindi, Kingston, New Hampshire:

Nice Assortment Of Basic Supplies !  I bought this to give to my daughter. Please with this item, however, the batteries were dead that were in the flashlight (appears it was pushed on in shipment).       Intermediate, Leisure & Trail Riding 


MeDC from Northern California:

Trailering With Confidence !  When we purchased a horse trailer, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what items I would like to keep in the trailer. I was overwhelmed at trying to put together a kit (first aid) myself. I went to SmartPak and found the EquiMedic First Aid Kits. I compared it with other first aid kits our there and nothing had such a variety of supplies. I really like the bag too. It's made with nice wuality and roomy enough to add more supplies. I like to put my prescription meds and human first aid kit all in one place. Also, when in an emergency situation, it's visible to know to just grab the bag. I am confident that it I have an emergency on the road, I will be prepared for any situation.        Intermediate Level 


Margaret K:

This site offers refill products in nice sized containers and at reasonable prices. Nice that they have specialty items too. 


Evntr from New Jersey:

Good range of products included in the kit and good number each product. Bag is good size and includes extra pockets. I plan to add some (additional) human first aid products so I can have everything in one place. Worth the price.       Intermediate, Eventing 


Keystonemum from Michigan:

Handy bag, but when my horse cut his legs badly the items were not meant for anything larger than a silver dollar sized injury. Just a few pieces of gauze and 1 vet wrap. Most pieces were tiny sample sized pieces, like the towelettes etc. It's a good start, and it can definitely hold more items that it came with, so I'm making a trip to the store to fill it with horse-sized items for a real emergency.      Intermediate, Western

Kristen R:
I have one of these first aid kits and they are a life saver ! When my horse cut his leg open I had everything I needed in this little package, to keep it cleaned and covered properly.
Wendy Suhn from Weatherford, Texas:
Thank you EquiMedic ! I had to quickly get in to my Large Barn Station last night for Eye Wash after my two year old flipped some concrete dust into her eyes ! ! ! Thank good ness I had it right there in the barn !  Everyone should have one of these kits on hand ! !  This is the big barn kit that I have in my barn - lots of very useful items for you and your horse.       PRCA Barrel Racer & Wife Of 16 Time WNFR Steer Wrestler Todd Suhn 


Conny from San Francisco, California: 
This is a great starter kit for when you don't know exactly what you need. It comes with a little checklist and info on horses vitals... you should know it, but when something happens and you panic, it's a great backup.       Novice, Dressage 
SmartPakerMelissa from the Northeast:
Back To Basics - I bought this first aid kit because I really wanted a bag to organize first aid supplies that would be easily identifiable as containing first aid supplies. I was tired of rummaging through my tack trunk to find the vetrap when I needed it. The bag is perfect for the purpose of keeping first aid supplies organized. There are lots of pockets on the outside, and the inside is large enough to hold all of the things that came with the kit as well as things (inlcuding a big jar of Fura-Zone) that I added. The supplies that come with the kit are pretty standard with some fun surprises like a little flashlight. That will come in handy I'm sure.  This is a great value for the price.  Every horse owner should have one of these kits. 
Lynn Palm, Palm Partnership Training, Ocala, Florida:
EquiMedic First Aid Kits Are The Best !   For me safety is most important within an equestrian center. EquiMedic has provided us with the best first aid kits that all centers should have. Unexpected accidents can happen with horses. I have confidence knowing that I have all the right tools at my fingertips. When I am traveling with horses, training horses at home, or on a trail, I feel good knowing that I have these first aid kits on hand. EquiMedic is the first company that has offered all the first aid tools that one should have with horses. I am so proud to be a part of their team and to recommend this to all horse owners.
PiratesGold, Richmond, Virginia:
Great Kit !  I purchased this kit as a donation to the barn I currently board my horse. The owner of the barn called me and was nearly in tears over such a great first aid kit. It comes with everything you can think of. The owner stated she felt like it was Christmas going through all the products.  I am obsessed with being prepared for the worst. Including this barn kit, I have four first aid kits from EquiMedic. I have one in my tack box, one in my trailer, another mini kit for my saddle bags for trail rides, and finally this kit. The pull out feature for this kit is a super plus because it allows two people to work out of it.        Novice, Non-Competitor