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Bunkhouse Kit

Horse owners all know and accept that working around horses or any type of large animal or livestock in general can be an unpredictable and dangerous situation, and EquiMedic USA always keeps the horse rider and all handlers in mind with first aid supplies in all of it's kits that are either designated for humans, or products with can be used on humans as well as horses. EquiMedic's Bunkhouse Kit is our designated all human kit, designed with the active horse and livestock handler in mind. As a rodeo and ranch / farm family we created our Bunkhouse Kit particularly with the safety of ranch and farm work in mind. Whether it's cattle handling time, colt weaning or breaking time, training young stock or just a place and time when humans are gathered in chancy situations where injury and accidents might happen, the Bunkhouse Kit is a durable and reliable first aid kit for many occasions. Keep this sturdy ammo box first aid kit handy to keep your people safe and well care for.


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