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Seventeen years after EquiMedic USA, LLC, was founded and launched, an exciting new future has been announced for this amazing equine company. New blood, new energy, and a new future is taking this company quickly into the 2020 decade. 

New owners, Jenny, Brent and Paden Belkham bring all that is possibleand forseeable to this dynamic company in 2020. Things are a changing at EquiMedic USA. The company is growing and quickly reacting to the needs of horse owners in pursuit of assistance in being the best care takers possible of their equine athletes.

The merger of the rodeoing Melvin and Belkham families after Jenny and Brent finished college, united a dynamic force of rodeo skills in the upper Midwest. Accomplished in Calf Roping and Steer Wrestling, Brent has dominated rodeo arenas around the country. 

As a Breakaway Roper, Jenny has earned many trophy saddles in her own right, and finished in the top 20 Breakaway Ropers in the country in her quest to make it to the 2020 The American Rodeo, one of the most prestigious rodeos in the world. 

Following in his parents footsteps, Paden is a standout in Junior High School and Youth Rodeo, where he is garninering trophy buckles and saddles for his own collection. He is fast becoming an acoomplished Cowboy with his roping skills. 

The Blekham's have been loyal EquiMedic customers for nearly a decade themselves. Family friends of the EquiMedic founding family, the Bakers, Jenny, Brent, Kelsey and Bryce have shared many hours and rodeo arenas together over the years, from Little Britches Rodeo, on through college rodeo, and into the professional rodeo venues. 

Jenny, Brent and Paden bring a passion to the EquiMedic USA family, not only as accomplished and skilled rodeo riders, but also as noted horse trainers and breeders of high quality Quarter Horses; they also give lessons and teach young rodeo competitors who seek to follow in the successful footsteps of this amazing family. 




The Realization of a service company such as EquiMedic USA, came about when the Baker children were active in youth rodeo, right along with the Melvin siblings, Jenny, Jessica & Jace. 

Owners of injured or sick horses on the rodeo grounds ended up at the Baker trailer.  Who knew equestrians could travel, ill-prepared to care for their equine partners.

When Baker packed her son off to college, at South Dakota State University, with two horses, to compete on the college rodeo team, she packed them their own equine first aid kit.

It was shortly thereafter she realized the need for a reputable design and source of equine first aid kits and products. She was qualified to deliver that. 

Sharon Baker, Founder

The Black Hills of Western South Dakota:

EquiMedic USA is the corporate creation of mother and daughter team Sharon Baker and Kelsey Baker.
Sharon Baker is a graduate of Kansas State University, Iowa State University and the University of Minnesota. She holds degrees in Agricultural Journalism, Home Economics, Animal Science and Agricultural Leadership.
As the corporate founder of EquiMedic USA, Inc., Sharon Baker, CEO, has enjoyed a professional life time of involvement in both the livestock production industry, and livestock health fields. Baker has served the livestock and equine industries in Minnesota as a Governor appointee to the State Board of Animal Health; retiring after two terms as President.   Email Sharon 

Kelsey Baker, Co-Founder

South Dakota:

 Kelsey Baker, youngest of the Baker siblings, is a graduate of South Dakota State University, with degrees in Agricultural Journalism, Advertising and Agricultural Business. 
Kelsey is a roper, catching heels and horns as a Team Roper at either end, but maintaining her strongest passion for calf roping as a Breakaway Roper. Kelsey also raises purebred Pemberton Welsh Corgi's,(Diamond K Corgi's @: www.diamondkcorgis.com).  Kelsey was also an outstanding high school and collegiate hockey goalie as well.  Email Kelsey  

Dr. Richard K. Norton, DVM


Truly a family effort, Baker’s brother, noted Equine Practitioner, Dr. Richard K. Norton, DVM, of Lincoln, NE, was also involved with EquiMedic USA, as a technical consultant and advisor, until his untimely passing in 2016. He vetted many horse activities at the famed Lancaster Event Center, a full time host to many equine events, and Dr. Norton's county fairgrounds.