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What is on Your Horse First Aid Kit Supplies List?

There are horse supplies, and then there are horse supplies. Some horse supplies are necessary, and some are more or less comfort products – either for you or your horse. It’s easy to spend money on your horses, almost as if they are your children.

You find yourself gravitating to the horse supplies section of every farm and ranch supply store, every feed store, tack store, and country supply store in your normal locale, plus any new ones that come into your view as you travel.

How do you know which horse supplies are important?

How you prioritize your horse supplies often becomes a challenge when what you really want to do is keep buying the comfort items – the ones on your horse supplies list that help you to feel happy and fulfilled to be able to offer to your ever faithful horse. So how do you value your purchases for your horse supplies list? Do you spend your money on fun things – or on necessary items?

Horse supplies can range from the necessities of feed and normal everyday care items, to horse treats, riding equipment, tack, and emergency preparedness horse supplies. How do you value these items that you can spend your disposable income on? Where do your core values lie in terms of your commitments to your horse’s well being?

Should that newly designed bit which promises you wonderful performance from your horse be where your emphasis lands in augmenting your horse supplies list? Should you add that new bling saddle or breast collar to your horse supplies inventory because you believe that it will gain you more points from the show judge?  Or how about that new show shirt that might catch you the notice of that special someone?

Don't forget to think about your Equine First Aid Kit List

How do you prioritize your horse supplies list? Where on that horse supplies list does your emergency preparedness equipment and supplies rank? Does your horse first aid kit fall high or low on your horse supplies list? Do you keep telling yourself that you will buy your horse an adequate first aid kit next month, next year, someday? And then you spend that money that you intended to use to care for your horse’s health needs instead, on comfort items; on seemingly immediate gratification purchases for your horse supplies list.

And so you need to ask yourself, of all of the items in your horse supplies inventory, which ones have real value to your horse’s health, well-being, and future? Will that bling headstall save your horse’s life when he is bleeding excessively after a puncture wound?

Will that new brand of horse treats help you to determine if your horse is running a fever? Scroll down that horse supplies list further…how about that new horse blanket made from that wonder fabric: will it correctly diagnose your horse’s colic?

Bling is expensive. “New” is expensive. Horse treats are more trouble than they are worth. What is your horse worth to you? Not just his purchase price, not just his resale value; what is his real value to you? As your equine partner; as the athlete who delivers your success in the performance arena? As the smile you wear on your face each time you step out of the saddle?

Why a Horse First Aid Kit should top your Horse supplies list

Has your horse earned the right to have his right to a healthy and safe living rate first on the top of your horse supplies list? What other investment can you possibly make for your horse supplies inventory other than an equine first aid kit and supplies that will return such a profound result in keeping our horse able to meet all of those wonderful expectations of yours? Don't forget to think about your Equine First Aid Kit List.

Your equine first aid kit, and the supplies to keep it fully stocked, should occupy the top position always on your horse supplies list. You can make no other more beneficial or higher return investment than a complete equine first aid kit from EquiMedic USA, the leader in the world design and manufacture of equine first aid kits.

With ten years of expertise in the field of equine first aid, EquiMedic USA, offers ten complete, turnkey and life saving kits, as well as a line of disposable mini wound care kits, to responsible and caring horse owners all over the world.

EquiMedic’s equine first aid kits are rated for the number of horses they will service. Kits are available in various sizes of Trailering, Barn, Trail Riding, Professional and Economy. Put an EquiMedic Equine First Aid Kit at the top of your horse supplies list today; invest in your horse’s future now

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