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Before you ride you have to think about the horse

Before you can walk you have to crawl. We all know that to be a simple truth; a simple reality. And child development specialists will tell you that if a baby walks before she crawls, then she must be returned to the process, and shown how to crawl, or the child’s normal development will be adversely affected.

Likewise, if you want to learn how to ride a horse, you must learn to know a horse, from the inside out. If your goal is to learn how to ride a horse, and you find yourself here, researching the subject, you’ve begun your efforts to learn how to ride a horse with a well-organized and sensible approach.

First steps in learning how to ride a horse

To learn how to ride a horse, it is essential for you to know and understand that horses are large animals; big, strong, capable of causing harm to themselves and you, if you inadvertently provoke them, or if they become frightened.

Before you can learn how to ride a horse you must understand some things about horses. An early piece of knowledge to know in your quest to learn how to ride a horse, is that a horse is a “fight” or “flight” creature. When a horse feels he is put in danger, he will either actively fight to defend, or, he will turn and flee. So it is essential to understand the natural tendencies involved, if you are intent on learning how to ride a horse.

Another major pre-responsibility to learning how to ride a horse is to learn how to properly care for a horse and what that responsibility means to you as a new horse person. Learning how to ride a horse is not near as easy as it looks. There is a huge moral, ethical, and financial obligation that goes along with learning how to ride a horse.

Understanding your horse BEFORE you ride

Quite essentially, being prepared to take care of the health and emergency needs of your horse, is the core responsibility which accompanies learning how to ride a horse. If you are going to make the trek into horse riding, you should do it with eyes wide open to the task of horse health care. Being prepared for emergencies, sickness, and accidents, is a cardinal rule of accepting a horse into your life.

And there is no one in the world who’s got you covered better on the score of moral and ethical preparedness, in caring for your horse, than EquiMedic USA, Inc. A decade ago, EquiMedic USA invented and owns the equine industry of horse first aid kits, and supplies. No one else in the world does what EquiMedic does.

With twelve complete equine first aid kits in the market place, and a line of disposable mini wound care kits, EquiMedic makes the “how to ride a horse” the easy part of horse lifestyle introduction. Once you know you are prepared to care for the emergency health care needs of your horse, you will then be ready to take on learning how to ride a horse.

Knowing how you will intend to use your new skills after you learn how to ride a horse will help you to maximize your acquisition of an equine first aid kit and supplies from EquiMedic USA.

If you are going to be traveling with a horse, then you will want to check out one of EquiMedic’s trailering kits. With large and small trailering kits in their stable of products, you will feel confident going down the road with your trailer and horse in tow, knowing that you can care for that equine partner no matter what happens away from home. All of EquiMedic’s kits include some human first aid products as well.

As you learn how to ride a horse, you will want to decide which of EquiMedic’s three barn first aid kits will be the best choice for you. Covering the needs of up to three horses is the small barn kit; while the medium barn kit meets the needs of from four to ten horses. The EquiMedic Large Barn Station will meet your needs in a big way if you are going to be responsible for up to at least 18 horses.

Things to know when starting to ride a horse

As you learn how to ride a horse, learn first what you need to know about the behavior of horses, especially as it may relate to your safety and that of your new equine friend. So be sure that you make emergency preparedness primary on your list of learning how to ride a horse. And understand that it is a process to learn how to ride a horse, that will take time, patience, and getting it all accomplished in the proper order, to ensure success.

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