How To Properly Take Care Of A Horse

Written By Kelsey Baker - January 19 2014


December 01 2015

I’ve read this article over and makes alot of sense!!! I do have a quseiton though .I have some horses that came to me thin, and I’d like to put weight on them. They a 14 year old quarter mare with huge muscle mass in her rear and other areas but her ribs are vaguely visable, a 1 1/2 year old quarter colt with visible ribs and decent muscle mass, and a 25 year old Arab mare who is just plain pathetic looking. We have 20 acres of coastal grass that they are on 24/7. They all are separated for feedings. They get fed once a day- crimped oats, a high molasses 12% feed with oats, alfalfa pellet and 25% fat weight builder. They are doing pretty well, but I think they can do better. What should I do? Should I add the beet pulp? Is there a different feed that’s not expensive to buy? (I have 7 horses )

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