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Eight Things You Don't Know About Horse First Aid Kits

Purchasing a horse first aid kit isn't simply a trivial task anymore. There are numerous things to keep in mind for both the health of your horse and yourself. Below we have listed 8 things to think about when purchasing your next equine first aid kit.



1. Equine First Aid Kits will not replace your vet

An equine first aid kit is not a vet kit. You will never replace your veterinarian or your need for certain vet services, and you would never want to. Your Vet-Client-Patient-Relationship (VCPR) is a partnership you should always maintain as well nurtured. But your veterinarian will be the second individual to be thankful that you own a good first aid kit; the first being your horse.

2. You'll be the one to use the equine first aid kit

You will likely always be your horse’s first responder – the one who finds your horse injured, sick, or ill. And you don’t want to be standing there empty-handed while your horse bleeds, a chunk of hide hangs like a flap, a nail sticks out of his hock, he’s rolling relentlessly in his stall, or not eating or drinking.

3. Horse first aid kits will save you money

At this point in time you hold your horse’s life in your hands; and you need the tools to take action, at least until your veterinarian can get there; the one you’ve kept a good working relationship with. And if it is a minor injury you are dealing with out of your equine first aid kit, your veterinarian will be glad you took care of it without calling him out late at night. And you will be glad to not get the bill for an after-hours or weekend call.

4. Your horse first aid kit is an investment

Your horse first aid kit will not only be an asset in your inventory of horse supplies, it will earn its keep. You won’t own very many items on your list of depreciable tack that you will be able to say that about. Your first aid kit will earn your trust, your respect and give you the confidence to take care of normal and even serious sickness and injury. Your investment in your first aid kit will become a highly appreciated investment.

5. Horse first aid kits give you peace of mind

Your horse first aid kit will bring you unexpected peace of mind and satisfaction in the health and well-being of your horse(s). No need to worry unnecessarily about the potential emergency care of your horse herd, you will find comfort in knowing that an adequate first aid kit is in your possession.

As an equine first aid kit owner, no more worrying about if you can get your vet there quick enough to do your first aid techniques for you. Will there be another call, or two, on the schedule before you ? Even during normal clinic hours ? Will my horse live long enough for me to haul him into the vet clinic ?

6. Equine first aid kits save you time and keep you riding

How important is the availability of your horse to you? How much will your life be affected if your horse is lame, injured, or sick? Not only will his care cost you, and his extended care take valuable time in your busy life, but what will you do with all of your plans that include your horse?

Do they have a local outfitter agency where you can quickly rent a horse to easily fill the needs you had for your horse for this coming weekend ? Will they have a great dressage horse, eventer, jumper or cutting horse so you don’t lose your entry fee? Will your girl-friend understand when you no longer have a horse to ride to go weekend trail riding and camping with her and her horse?

What value do you place on the availability of your horse? If you need to keep him useable, available to you, for whatever reason, recreational, or competitive, give it your best shot by being best equipped to handle his emergency care needs with your own horse first aid kit. Invest in your horse’s availability to you by investing in a substantial equine first aid kit.

7. Horse aid kits aid in injury prevention

Your equine first aid kit will become your best insurance against ever having to use it. We find that horse owners who have invested in a horse first aid kit, have fewer injured horses, and fewer sick horses. Owning a first aid kit makes you more conscious of first aid in every sense of the word. You will become a much more prevention oriented equestrian.

8. The more you know about your horse first aid kit the better prepared you will be

Owning a horse first aid kit is a big commitment, a financial investment, and should be considered as such. And along the way to becoming an accomplished first aid kit user, you will become much more aware of the safe and protected environment of your horse. Think of your first aid kit as Step One to the safer future of your horse.

As you become more familiar with your first aid kit, you will raise your awareness of its use in caring for your horse, you will become more aware of how to prevent injury and illness. Keeping your horse safe from harm’s way, healthy, and lessening the occasions for emergencies, will become easier once you’ve made the first step, with the investment in an equine first aid kit.

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