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Your Equine First Aid Kit Is Insurance


We always tell our customers that we hope that their “ … new EquiMedic USA Equine First Aid Kit will be their best insurance against ever having to use it.” We not only mean that with all sincerity, but we also have reason to believe that it is a true prediction.

Don’t you ever wonder why it is that some horse owners are always tending to sick or injured equines ? While many seem to be able to maintain healthy horses ? Some of your riding acquaintances seem to be constantly working on healing up wounds and injuries; hauling horses to the vet clinic, or waiting for the veterinarian to show up to treat a horse.

Do you know horse owners whom you think ought to own serious stock in a company which makes cohesive tape ? or dressings ? or healing ointments ? Do you ever wonder why it is that some horse owners spend more time treating horses than they do riding them ?

Keeping horses healthy and free of injury is a state of mind – your mind. And that state of mind is an anomaly known as PREVENTION. It’s an upfront process that when practiced, creates a state of mind that becomes continuous; a practice that becomes a way of being, one that finally becomes an un-thought, and unplanned mantra that creates a way of being to create and maintain a safe environment for your horse.

Horse owners who think prevention, practice prevention… it’s that simple. Often, when a horse owner invests in an equine first aid kit, it becomes the first step in recognizing the importance of equine safety, and taking attentive measures to ensure safety and creating an environment which is free of potential injuries and emergencies. 

  Take that step toward peace of mind. Recognize the importance of thinking and planning for prevention. Thinking proactive will eventually become easier and easier, and will become automatic for you with time. Begin with the physical environment that your horse exists in. Spend time in it yourself. Check it out. Look for any possible sharp objects, corners, spikes, ragged edges, where your horse might cut or impale himself, creating a wound.

Think like a horse. Move around like your horse. Don’t forget that horses have periods of time where they will play, run, and be crazy, just like kids; and that is where and when they are most likely to hurt themselves or get hurt on foreign objects. Their normal, somewhat preventative focus is disrupted at times like this. Run this inspection process of your horse’s environment periodically and often and understand that conditions will change.

Be aware of how your horse’s environment will alter with weather and with the seasons. Be prepared for what his ground and area will be like in the winter when snow is apt to add to the danger aspect, when rain and thaw will cause mud and slippery conditions, and even when dry weather will cause hard packed ground and dust and various other perils during dry spells. There is nearly no weather condition that is virtually a time when you can let up your guard.

Your horse’s safety and well-being is a function of your responsibility as his owner and caretaker. Being prepared means many things, and comprises many areas of preparation. Having an adequate equine first aid kit is an essential aspect of being prepared, and being a responsible caretaking partner. When you make that investment and commitment, you will begin a lifestyle of staying committed to your horse and his well-being.

Physically seeing that kit in your barn and trailer will be that stimulus that will always keep you thinking about your horse’s safety and wellbeing. Begin to think in terms of hopefully never having to crack that kit open and having to use it – because when you do, and emergency is likely at hand.  

So avoiding emergencies can and will become a way of life for you. You will notice fewer injuries, fewer emergency occasions, less dependency upon your equine first aid kit, and less money spent, stress, pain and annoyance avoided. The savings in money will be greatly appreciated by your whole family. The increased availability of the use of your horses, free of healing time, will also be appreciated.

The investment in your equine first aid kit will always be a well-planned event. It will always be there at your right hand for those unavoidable emergencies, like those created by weather and mother-nature. Having to use it will still save you money. And it will save you huge peace of mind knowing that you have what you need to be able to react as your horse’s first responder – the first one on the scene to discover the emergency needs of your horse.

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