Basic Companion Animal First Aid Kit

EquiMedic USA, Inc.

$ 74.99 

  • Basic Companion Animal First Aid Kit
  • Basic Companion Animal First Aid Kit
  • Basic Companion Animal First Aid Kit
  • Basic Companion Animal First Aid Kit

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Our Small Sized Companion

Animal First Aid Kit

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 This is the small version of our NEW Pet First Aid Kit. This kit offers you everything you might need for most emergency situations you might run into in the normal maintenance and care of your small household pet. This durable molded plastic cases neatly secures and protects your investment in first aid supplies which includes such necessary items as dressings of various sizes and types,several types of bandaging supplies, cleansing, antimicrobial and germicidal wipes, medication application supplies, medical towels, iodine swabstick, alcohol wipes, hydrogen peroxide, eye wash, exam gloves, tourniquet, bandage scissors, thumb forceps, digital thermometer, syringes and hypodermic needles,cold instant pack, blood abatement powder, and a comprehensive but easy to follow compact pet first aid guide.





Size: 9.25" Wide  X 9.25" Tall X 3.25" Deep
Weight:  2.75 pounds
278 cubic inches of storage space


Price:  $74.99

Retail Value:  $103


Kit Contents: 

Small Molded Plastic Kit Box (EKT020); long wooden handled cotton tipped applicators (APP001); wooden applicators (APP003); medical towels (APP002); non-sterile dressings (BND001); small sterile dressings (BND002); small non-adherent dressings (BND026); 2" coheive wrap bandaging (BND022); 3" rolled white gauze bandaging (BND024); alcohol wipes (CLN001); sanitizing towelettes (CLN002); iodine povidone swabstick (CLN003); hydrogen peroxide (CLN006); iodine wipes (CLN009); antimicrobial wipes (CLN019); germicidal wipes (CLN020); eye wash (CLN021); exam gloves (EQM002); tourniquet (EQM004); bandage scissors (EQM006); thumb forceps (EQM012); digital thermometer (EQM021); 3cc syringe (EQM025); 6cc syringe (EQM026); hypodermic needles (EQM028); Pet First Aid Booklet (EQM036); antibiotic ointment (TOP002); instant cold pack (TOP001); white petroleum jelly (TOP025); bloodstop powder (WND006). 









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