Bandaging: Cohesive Bandage Wrap: 4 inch Wide - Assorted Colors


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This is a medical grade and sourced self-adhesive wrap. Available in a variety and assortment of colors. This tape stretches, and adheres to itself so that it is able to hold bandages, dressings, gauzes, paddings, etc., in place by itself. This is an elastic bandaging that you can count on to stick to itself and not to hair or hide. It is breathable, pliable, lightweight, and easy to install and remove. Will not allow wounds to dry or remain too moist if administered properly, and changed according to standards. Developed by and for the medical community, it is now available for livestock use through EquiMedic USA, Inc. Rely on these colorful bandages to hold your medical or athletic necessities in place on legs, neck, head and tails. Gate sort on colors; color choices not available.

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