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Disposable Mini Wound Care Kits


New Disposable Mini First Aid Kits Available


A series of disposable and comprehensive wound care treatment kits is the latest addition to EquiMedic USA’s line up of complete equine emergency first aid kits. Four new Mini Wound Care Kits expands the unique and varied inventory of EquiMedic’s first aid kits and supplies designed expressly for horse owners.

Ranging in price from $5.95 to $18.95, these four Mini Kits come as turn key, complete triage wound care management tools, with every thing necessary available in a reclosable and disposable clear plastic pouch. The first three kits vary in the number of times that they can be re-used in treating an average wound from once to four times, and the fourth kit is designed to treat and care for a more serious wound two times.

EquiMedic’s new Mini Wound Care Kits are designed to be taken directly to the site of a horse wound, and offer all of the necessary supplies to treat that wound without having to dig through your large first aid kit or arrive on sight without what you need. All of the kits offer such basics as exam gloves, area and wound cleansers, a variety of wound and compression pads, antibiotic ointment, applicators, alcohol and iodine wipes and medical towels.

The smallest new EquiMedic Mini Wound Care Kit comes complete with 11 different products and 16 items, and the largest, the Serious Wound Care Kit contains 17 different products and 34 total items. These smart disposable kits are handy to keep in any location where horses are kept and used, including the barn, trailer, arena, or trail riding saddle bag. All of the Mini Kit contents can be substituted for emergency use on riders or handler if necessary, adding to their necessity and versatility.  

“These new Mini Kits are a great addition to our current line up of six complete equine first aid kits,” notes EquiMedic USA’s equine practitioner, Dr. Rick Norton, of Lincoln, Nebraska. “If you have an equine wound that needs fast attention, just pull one of these complete Mini Kits out of your pack and get right to dealing with cleaning and treating the wound with what is packaged here for you,” Dr. Norton adds.

EquiMedic USA is the world leader in the design of equine horse and rider first aid kits, with six complete kits available to the equine community, and over 150 first aid supplies. Kits currently available to horse owners include the Economy Kit (28 products & 63 items); the Horn Bag Trail Riding Kit (35 products & 130 items) the Small Trailering Kit (36 products & 153 items); the Large Trailering Kit (59 products & 341 items); the Small Barn Kit (40 products & 234 items); and the Professional Kit (85 products & 865 items). EquiMedic has three new complete kits planned for introduction to the marketplace in the near future.  

Endorsed by International Trainer and Clinician Lynn Palm, all of the world renowned EquiMedic equine first aid kits and supplies can be found on the company’s web site: www.equimedic.com, or from distributors: Smart Pak Equine, Dover Saddlery, Smith Brothers and Valley Vet Supply; as well as a host of local and regional saddle and tack shops. The company offers kit contents only, build your own kit as an option, and a total array of refill and optional first aid items.