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EquiMedic USA Creates Equine First Aid Market




EquiMedic USA Takes Bold

Charge of Equine First Aid Arena


You can now choose from a full line of specially designed Equine First Aid Kits, for your favorite riding partner or equine companion.  EquiMedic USA has entered the equine health industry with a passion and a mission to fully and creatively service the emergency health care needs of horse owners.  “We intend to be the long term, immediate care partners of horse owners,” stated Sharon Baker, South Dakota, founder and co-owner of EquiMedic USA.  The intent is to bridge the life threatening gap between occurrence of injury or sickness and the availability of the equine veterinarian.

 The new company is geared to develop and offer a full line of first aid kits to meet any and all needs of horse owners.  From Trail Riding to Trailering and Barn Kits, EquiMedic USA designs kits to service horse herds of all sizes. This new line of user friendly gear is completely designed with organized pockets, loops, dividers, sections, and extra room to add all ready owned medical supplies, or additional supplies to what comes standard with their turn-key assortment of kits. 

 “Replacement and extra supplies will be totally procurable from EquiMedic USA, as you use your kit’s contents, or want to expand them,” Baker explained.  “Owning and maintaining the necessary first aid supplies for your horse has never been so easy,” Baker remarked.  All kits offer some human first aid items as well.  The Trail Riding line of kits offers the most human first aid items, 16 in the Small Trail Riding Kit, recognizing the rider’s co-vulnerability to injury out on the trail.

 “You can choose the kit that best suits your needs and your herd size,” Baker noted, “or you can buy kit contents only, if you have a gear bag at home that will work for you.”  The “Build Your Own” kit is also be an option for horse owners on EquiMedic’s creative web site.  Additional and Optional Supplies are an election as well.  “If you want to add more of a certain product, or shop for supplies to augment our standard kit contents, that is easy to do on our consumer friendly Internet site,” Baker added.

 EquiMedic USA’s uniquely designed kits are far easier to use in time of emergency need than hunting through loose medical supplies in a generic gear bag; but the prime intent of the company is to get horse owners to purchase and maintain the necessary supplies, first and foremost.  “If you want to come back and purchase a better designed kit later, do that when you can,” this horse owner commented.  “All of our kits are oversized to our standard contents so the owner can add his or her own prescription drugs and necessities, and build their emergency inventory over time.”

 EquiMedic USA offers five first aid kits to the market place, with five expressly designed soft-sided kit styles, several hard sided kits, including a floor standing model on wheels.  The Economy Kit, Horn Bag Trail Riding Kit, Small Trailering Kit, Small Barn Kit, and the newest, the Professional Kit, are the first five turn-key kits offered to horse owners through this unique company. 

The first four kits are sized to meet the needs of from one to three horses.  The next generation of kits to hit the market place in 2005 will be rated for from 4 to 10 horses. These will be rated as EquiMedic's Medium sized equine first aid kits.  Horse owners with eleven to 18 horse herds will be serviced with the third generation of kits to enter the market place early in 2005/ These will be the company's Large kits.

 EquiMedic’s newly designed and released “Professional Kit” was designed for use by saddle clubs, horse associations, trainers, horse stables, clinicians and boarding operations: virtually any commercial of non-profit equine organization or group that mixes large numbers of horses and people together.  “This floor standing, lockable, and mobile kit features many items for both horses and humans,” commented Baker. 

“Emergency supplies such as these will no doubt soon be required by insurance companies,” Baker added. regarding their intent for designing this offering for horse groups.  The kit contains 84 products and 870 items, including inflatable air splints, a head vise, and other emergency products for more serious types of human injuries, as well as all emergencies supply needs for horses. 

 For the cost conscious, EquiMedic USA offers the simpler Economy First Aid Kit. All of their soft sided kits are a stark red with their white equine medical cross logo prominently displayed, so that a horse owner’s first aid kit can readily be found in any and all conditions, and is readily recognized as an emergency supply source. 

Baker urges horse owners to stay tuned to their web site:  www.equimedic.com  for new kit designs and additions to their current line of expressly created equine first aid kit offerings.  Over 30 new products were just recently added for use by equine owners.  Commercial plastic and metal first aid kits and gear boxes are an alternative to their soft sided kits, and are also found on their web site for purchase. 

Baker is no new comer to the livestock health industry.  She once worked for the College of Veterinary Medicine, at Kansas State University, her alma mater.  She has worked professionally for several groups of veterinarians, and has served the equine and livestock industries in Minnesota for two terms on the Minnesota State Board of Animal Health, appointed by two Governors.  She served the last two of her eight years as the President of that prestigious governing board, having just recently retired.   

A family partnership, EquiMedic USA is owned and operated by a mother-daughter team. Baker’s daughter, Delaney Selander, runs the business office of this emerging equine health venture, from her home near Park Rapids, MN.  Noted equine practitioner, Dr. Richard K. Norton, of rural Lincoln, Nebraska, serves an integral component of the technical division of EquiMedic USA.  Norton, brother to Baker, maintains a busy, strictly equine practice in eastern Nebraska, while consulting with EquiMedic USA’s growing technical needs.

A family steeped in equine involvement, Baker’s other two children maintain active rodeo careers.  Son Bryce, a recent graduate of South Dakota State University (SDSU), where he was an active member of the Jack Rabbits Collegiate Rodeo Team, is now enjoying an emerging semi-professional rodeo career in Steer Wrestling.  Daughter Kelsey, a recent high school graduate, and already a college sophomore, now participates in college rodeo at SDSU.  Both were members of the prestigious Wranglers National High School All Star Team Rodeo Team. 

EquiMedic USA, the first company to offer a full line of First Aid Kits precisely designed for the equine industry, is also the only company to offer restocking and additional supply services to its customers. “We are committed to the long term servicing of equine owner’s first aid and emergency medical needs,” Baker explained. “Our equine partners serve us faithfully in a variety of dedicated ways, and it is our responsibility as their care givers to be sure that we are adequately prepared to take care of their immediate health care needs,” Baker summarized the mission of EquiMedic USA.





EquiMedic USA’s original four Equine First Aid Kits:
Left to Right:  The Economy Kit, Trail Riding Horn Bag Kit, Small Trailering Kit, and Small Barn Kit.