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EquiMedic USA Moves West


EquiMedic USA, Inc., Moves West

The industry innovator and leader in equine first aid, EquiMedic USA, Inc., has moved from its original and founding location in western Minnesota, to the Black Hills of Western South Dakota. Originated as a Minnesota Partnership in 2003, EquiMedic USA, Inc., is now a South Dakota corporation. Corporate owners Sharon and Kelsey Baker have consolidated the company from its two Minnesota locations in to one rural location between Hermosa and Keystone, SD.

EquiMedic USA, Inc., impacted the equine industry six years ago when it introduced its first four complete horse and rider first aid kits. Joining only a couple of other manufacturers who each made one small horse first aid kit, EquiMedic USA, Inc., revolutionized the whole concept of emergency preparedness for horse owners. Founder and CEO, Sharon Baker, a graduate of Kansas State University, Past President of the Minnesota State Board of Animal Health, with a professional history in the livestock health industry, realized a need for turn-key equine first aid kits when her children were youth rodeoing.

“We researched the human first aid kit industry, which is a very mature market,” Baker noted. By contrast the equine and livestock first aid kit industry was pretty much non-existent. EquiMedic USA rates their horse and rider first aid kits similar to how the human first aid kit industry does – by capacity served.  

EquiMedic USA, Inc., now offers seven complete first aid kits to the industry and has three more in development for future release. “Our small kits service from one to three horses and riders, and our medium line of kits serves from four to ten horses and riders,” Baker explains. Their large line of kits functions for larger herd sizes, serving from eleven to eighteen horses and riders.

EquiMedic’s large, floor standing, mobile Professional Kit was the fifth kit they introduced. It was designed for use by trainers, clinicians, equestrian venues, large stables, horse and saddle clubs, youth horse groups, trail riding groups and organizations, or any group that mixes large numbers of horses and people together.

Slated for future prpduction by EquiMedic USA, Inc., will be the Medium and Large Trail Riding Kits. They will join the Horn Bag Trail Riding Kit which has been in the market place for six years. The Medium Trail Riding Kit will be a cantle bag. The Large Trail Riding Kit is a very specifically designed saddle bag kit that is designed to attach with the cantle bag Medium Trail Riding Kit to accommodate even larger groups of trail riders b combining the two.

The existing Small and Medium Barn Kits will eventually be joined by the Large Barn Station that will be a hard sided, molded and mobile kit, similar to the Professional Kit. The company added a line of four disposable mini wound care kits to their line up two years ago which are very popular and easily stored in a vehicle glove box, saddle bag or trailer.

“Our move to the Black Hills of South Dakota allowed us to be able to live where we wanted to and bring the company along with us,” Baker explained. New facilities house the production, warehousing, storage and the family’s personal rodeo horses.