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EquiMedic USA & USRider Announce Partnership



USRider Motor Plan &

EquiMedic USA Partner for Horse Safety




EquiMedic USA and USRider Equestrian Motor Plan have teamed up to provide today’s mobile horse owners the best possible safety protections while they travel the roads of America with horses and trailers in tow. With USRider, equine owners can assure themselves of belonging to the most comprehensive roadside assistance program available to those who travel with horses.

EquiMedic USA, elite manufacturer of a full line of equine first aid kits, now makes its very popular Trailering Kits available at a 15 percent discount to all USRider members. These two equine trailering kits are just one of the perks available through the Winner’s Circle Advantage member benefits program of USRider.


EquiMedic USA's Small Trailering Kit   (KIT003)

$150    36 Different Products & 153 Total Items


The Small and Large Trailering Kits are designed to be kept in your horse trailer at all times. The smaller complete first aid kit offers 36 products and 153 different items to cover most equine emergency needs while you are on the road with your horses. It is created to service the needs of from one to three horses and riders. Rated to service up to ten horses, the Large Trailering Kit offers 59 different products and 343 total items.

Designed to meet all of the needs of traveling equestrians, USRider offers an all-inclusive service that will take care of your vehicle, trailer and horses. With an annual fee comparable to that of other roadside assistance programs, USRider offers the typical flat-tire repair, battery assistance and lock-out services, plus benefits designed with horse owners in mind. For example, USRider will arrange towing services for a trailer loaded with horse. It will also arrange emergency stabling, feed and veterinary services for horses, if necessary, while a vehicle is being repaired or rendered inoperable. 

“We took a unique approach to motor plans. We are horse people that created a motor plan – not a motor plan that created something for horse people. It is truly exciting for us to partner with a company that enhances the safety of horses while traveling. Similar to US Rider, EquiMedic USA was also created by folks who are horse owners, and who are committed to the welfare and safety of horses,” says Mark Cole, managing member for USRider.

EquiMedic USA’s well-crafted Trailering Kits are designed to complement the human first aid kit that you should have in your towing vehicle. “Some horse owners equip their barns with equine emergency items, and many intend to grab those supplies each time they travel,” notes EquiMedic USA Equine Practitioner, Dr. Rick Norton, of Lincoln, Neb., “but most forget to move them to their trailers, and end up traveling unprepared for emergencies away from home,” he adds.  

“You wouldn’t travel without a spare tire, and you shouldn’t haul horses without similar precautionary planning,” Dr. Norton warns. “Traveling can be stressful enough, and accidents, emergencies and health issues can become nightmares or even life-threatening,” Dr. Norton warns.

USRider and EquiMedic have partnered to assure horse trailer drivers that their needs will be covered while away from home. The two visions and missions of these emergency minded companies have been uniquely combined for the benefit of mobile horse owners. 

While the USRider Equestrian Motor Plan can send help to you when you need it, the EquiMedic Trailering Kits allow you to take action immediately with your horses, until professional help can arrive. The kit lets you take care of minor and major emergency and medical needs while away from home. 


EquiMedic USA's Large Trailering Kit   (KIT007)

$295    59 Different Products & 343 Total Items


EquiMedic’s well-stocked, bright red, soft-sided EquiMedic Trailering Kits are easy to find in your trailer’s tack room and are well-organized. Both kit bags are uniquely designed to contain and protect the exact products that are packed in each one.

The Small Traileirng Kit is a hanging bag, featuring an upper and lower flap, which each reveal a combination of clear vinyl and mesh zippered pockets to organize the smaller and more oft used products and equipment. The large main compartment featuring elastic loops on three sides holds bottles, jars and equipment upright and secure.

The fourth side of the main compartment is Two large end sections offer more organizational space and an outside pocket on the front flap completes some of the features of the smaller kit.

The Large Trailering Kit offers one large front and top opening flap featuring a number of inside zippered vinyl and mesh pockets. Two large zippered end sections embrace the main compartment, which features a moveable / removable Velcro’d wall with various sized elastic loops on it and the surrounding side walls. These daisy chains are designed to hold you bottles, jars and equipment in place and protected. This kit comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. 

This mobile equine emergency kit is only about half full when purchased to allow horse owners to add any other supplies that they might want to carry with them, such as ethical drugs and specific medications and treatments. EquiMedic USA has a full array of optional supplies to purchase and add to these kits, such as first aid books, various oral pastes, a wider variety of wound medications, and single or double-headed stethoscopes, to name just a few. 

One clear outside pocket comes with a card listing a horse’s normal vital signs, and the other is empty to allow the horse owner to place other emergency information, including emergency contact information, veterinarian’s business card, other health-related documents, and the USRider Equestrian Motor Plan contact information. 

EquiMedic USA encourages traveling horse owners to include two safety documents created by USRider in their Trailering Kit: an emergency “Contact” form for horse owners to fill out and a limited power-of-attorney form so that horse owners can formally and legally designate a third party to make emergency health care decisions for their horses in the event that the owner is incapacitated.

“Regretfully, many horse owners do not think about what will happen to their horses if they are unconscious, unable to make decisions, or perish in an automobile accident,” notes Cole. USRider makes these forms available to all of its members and to all of their customers as a courtesy.

To order a mobile emergency kit, or for more information about EquiMedic USA safety products, call 1-866-211-1269, or visit the EquiMedic USA, Inc., website at www.equimedic.com.

For more information about the USRider Equestrian Motor Plan, call 1-800-844-1409, or visit their website at www.usrider.org