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Equine First Aid Kits for Traveling


An Equine First Aid Kit for the Road


Don’t leave the barn with out it ! Many horse owners intend to take their equine barn first aid kits or supplies from home with them when they travel, but rarely remember to do so. Traveling down the roads today with horses without adequate equine first aid protection and equipment is like playing Russian Roultette. It’s not a matter of “if” you will need emergency supplies, it’s “when”.

Negotiating today’s roadways can be hazardous enough when traveling alone. Add to your vehicle a loaded horse trailer, especially the newer living quarter’s rigs that are as long as most semi tractors and trailers, and you have drastically increased the dangers for our traveling equine partners.

Most of the time on the road with horses, is spent on a time schedule, headed to some sort of a competition, practice, appointment, or even a more relaxed recreational agenda or vacation. Anything can happen during a horse haul from colic, to cuts and scrapes, heat exhaustion, serious leg injuries, going off feed and / or water, to a more serious impact type of accident.

EquiMedic USA, renowned designer of a full line of equine first aid kits, offers two Trailering Equine First Aid Kits to all horse owners who travel with their equine partners. The Trailering Kit series is especially designed for situations and emergencies that might happen to your horses while traveling and during events away from home.

These kits have fewer people items in them than some of EquiMedic’s other equine first aid kits because every hauling or towing rig should have a great human first aid kit in it at all times – pulling a rig or not. So the EquiMedic Trailering Kits concentrate more on your horse’s needs while away from the barn.

Supplies and accessories for many types of wounds and injuries not only along the journey, but while at an event or destination are the main focus of the EquiMedic USA Trailering Kit. Additionally items such as electrolytes, syringes and needles, hoof pick, flashlight and eye wash will also be found to be standard items in the Trailering Kit.

As with all of EquiMedic’s complete equine first aid kits, the soft sided Trailering Kit bags are red in color so that they can be quickly and easily found in your crowded trailer tack compartment when it is needed. They are designed to be left in the trailer and never taken out at home.  

The Complete Trailering Kit comes about half full so that additional items that the horse owner may wish to bring along from home will fit into the same kit bag. A soft sided waterproof, durable and washable kit container, the Trailering Kits offers a main compartment with elastic loops to hold many bottles, and jars of medications, as well as equipment and supplies upright and easy to grab.

On the Small Trailering Kit one outside zippered pocket, and two end zippered sections provide additional storage and organization so that supplies can be quickly accessed in time of emergency need. This kit features two fold up flaps with inner pockets and it hangs from a swivel hook.

The Large Trailering Kit is designed for living quarters trailers, and the horse owner who hauls more horses, and is gone from home for longer stretches of time. It features along fold down flap with inner zippered clear vinyl and mesh pockets, a movable center divider, many elastic loops for securing supplies, and two large end sections for additional organizational space.

EquiMedic smaller trailering kit offers 36 different products and 153 total items. The Large Trailering Kit offers 59 different products and 343 total items.

Two of the largest equine first aid kits come in large mobile hard sided kit boxes and the all human Bunkhouse Kit comes in an ammo gear box, all available from EquiMedic USA web site: www.equimedic.com

Getting adequate equine first aid supplies into the hands of horse owners so that they can handle immediate emergency needs until professional help can be obtained, is a strong part of the mission of this unique American company. EquiMedic USA is a one stop shopping center for complete equine first aid kits, soft sided bags and hard sided containers, standard kits supplies, optional and additional supplies, as well as re-stocking and refill supplies once kit products are used or might go out of date.