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Introducing the perfect First Aid Kit for your Horse

Our Equine Economy Kit has everything you need to get started

We know you're busy so we put together a great starter Equine First Aid Kit that has everything you need to care for your injured horse. This is the essential kit for your barn, trips, or trail rides. Our Economy Kit is made in the USA, contains 28 different products, 85 total items, and even comes with a soft sided carrying bag. Not only that, it is one of the most affordable complete first aid kits, costing only $75.

The Economy Kit include the following supplies: 

Small Hanging Bag (EKT001)long handled cotton tipped swabs (APP001); medical towels (APP002); wood applicators (APP003); non-sterile gauze pads (BND001); sterile gauze pads (BND002); non-adherent gauze pad (BND003); cohesive bandage wrap (BND004)1/4 pound cotton roll (BND009); alcohol wipes (CLN001); benzalkonium chloride sanitizing towelettes (CLN002); povidone iodine swabstick (CLN003)8 ounce hydrogen peroxide (CLN006); iodine wipes (CLN008); flashlight (EQM001); exam gloves (EQM002); hoof pick (EQM003); tourniquet (EQM004); pocket scalpel (EQM005); wrap cutter (EQM013); double aspirin packets (HUM001); double ibuprofin packets (HUM002); antibiotic packets (HUM003)3/4 inch adhesive bandages (HUM012)1 inch adhesive bandages (HUM013); small instant cold pack (TOP001)small antiseptic ointment (TOP002); small liniment (TOP003).


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