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For People Emergencies Around Horses


In Case of People Emergencies


Fresh for the ranch and stable this fall is the brand new Bunkhouse First Aid Kit by EquiMedic USA, Inc., the world leader in the design and manufacture of equine first aid kits. This new kit varies from the first eight EquiMedic kits to hit the equine industry, in that this is the first all human kit designed and released by this exclusive world renowned equine kit packer.

“We designed this kit with the needs of the working ranch and the busy horse stables, and especially those seasonally larger and busier events that pull a larger work force together to handle cattle various livestock,” explains EquiMedic USA’s CEO, Sharon Baker. “Brandings, weanings, sorting, gatherings, are but some of the cattle activities where we often bring on bigger crews to get the job done,” Baker continues. “Weekend and summer events hosted around horse stables and venues also put people at risk,” she continued.

“We hire, beg, borrow and coerce family members, friends, and neighbors to help with these large tasks, and often forget how we put our human resources at risk in these highly physical exercises and tasks,” Baker warns. “These very human labor involved tasks can end up in a string of small to large injuries,” she reminds us.

Being prepared is not only the best insurance against serious and lasting injuries, but it is the responsible thing to do when you have gathered others at your ranch or barn to help with your bigger chores and challenges. Clinics and hospitals rarely locate near our ranches and rural locales, and the trip to get emergency medical help can be long and painful if you are hurt.

EquiMedic’s Bunkhouse First Aid Kit was designed with the active cowboy, cowgirl, jockey, rider, handler or volunteer in mind. The kit is packed in a sturdy white ammo styled tote box that is sealed tight against water and dust. The handy, lockable and nearly indestructible kit box also features a lift out tray for keeping smaller items readily at hand.

This essential people investment comes neatly packed with 50 different products, and a total of 300 items. Emergency care items as simple as multiple wound care products to burn gel, utility scissors, hemostat powder, emergency blanket, cold packs, forceps, sunscreen and insect repellent, as well as a tourniquet, flashlight and waterproof matches, are only a few of the necessary items included in this kit. Anti-microbial and anti-germicidal wipes are also standard items in this unique horse owner accessory.

If you’ve never had an injury while around horses, it likely means that your number is coming up soon, so be prepared. Be sure that you are ready and able to care for the emergency needs of all of the riders and handlers on your ranch or farm, no matter what their size or age. Accidents happen, and not being prepared is negligent and short- sighted.

Other kits in the market place by EquiMedic USA, Inc., include three different sized barn kits, two trailering kits, a trial riding kit, and a large Professional Kit. These equine kits are readily available directly from the company, or from most major equine retailers across the country.

Invest in a Bunkhouse First Aid Kit ($160.00) by visiting the EquiMedic USA web site:   www.equimedic.com No one else in the world offers a ranch / farm designed human first aid kit, designed by a rodeo family in the Black Hills of western South Dakota. This newly available emergency kit would make a great holiday surprise for the ranch family on your Christmas gift list.