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Is Your First Aid Kit Ready for an Emergency?

The beginning of a new year is a great time to go completely through your equine first aid kit and 

look for used up products, spoiled products, and products that are past their useful shelf-life dates.

If you've had to use your EquiMedic first aid kit several times in the past year, or if more than one person in your group is working out of the same kit, go through it now, clean it up, and reorganize it.

Run your empty EquiMedic bag through your washing machine. You'd be surprised how it will look like new after laundering. It's a fact that about anywhere you store your first aid kit, it's going to get dusty at the very least, and you don't want to carry unnecessary foreign materials to an emergency situation for your horse.

 Check your products for a "Use By" date and replace them if that date is beyond its expiration date, or even close to it. You don't want to find yourself dependent upon the effectiveness of a product in an emergency and not have it give you medicinal results because it is too old.

Make sure that all bottle and jar lids are on tight, throw away and replace any used needles and syringes, and make sure that you have plenty of product applicators (long handled cotton tipped swabs; wood sticks), gauze and dressings of all sizes to meet possible needs for your horse and yourself in the year to come.


Be certain to maintain your first aid kit in a clean, organized and useable fashion, and completely outfitted with all the necessary supplies.
Now is the time to also consider augmenting your kit with a couple of those "extras" that you've been thinking about": 

 stethoscope,   digital thermometer, first aid book, 3M Gamgee, poultices, 3M Activated Carbon Dressing, skin stapler / remover, etc.


If you plan to upgrade your first aid kit annually, you'll have a dependable emergency response kit before long.

 It's hard to predict what you might need at any given time, but it's no fun to need it and not have it