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Large Mobile Barn Equine First Aid Station Introduced


New Large Mobile Equine First Aid Station


Emergency first aid is on the way for owners and care providers of larger horse herds. The Large Barn First Aid Station is now available to caring horse owner’s world wide from EquiMedic USA, Inc., the world leader in the design and manufacture of horse and rider first aid kits. This kit is designed for the emergency care of from eleven to at least 18 horses and riders or handlers.

Sold as a complete turn-key emergency response mobile kit for tending to the first aid needs of horses and humans, the Large Barn First Aid Station comes in the popular Stanley Black & Decker Fat Max mobile tool storage unit. Measuring 29 tall, 21 inches wide, 13 inches deep, and weighing in at 61 pounds loaded, horse owners will find peace of mind in knowing that they will have about any thing on hand for confronting emergency situations with their equine partners. The mobile work station offers 93 different products and 774 total items.

The Large Barn First Aid Station is fully mobile and lockable, allowing owners some security for their investment in medical necessities and equipment for owning horses. The Stanley Work box is a three part system, with a pull out / retractable handle, much like that of modern day passenger luggage. With the lift of a single latch the user easily glides the top two sections backwards on its wheels to gain full open access to the lower two storage compartments.

The upper section of this unit opens separately with two latches similar to a traditional tool or tackle box. A lift out tray can be set on top of the inside of the lid exposing a deep storage area for smaller equipment, wound care, bandaging and emergency management products.  

The mid section of this versatile box features customizable divided sections ideal for the protection and ease of accessing more of the smaller first aid products. The bottom section of this container is a large, deep box that allows for great organization and protection of the larger, bottles, jars, dressings, bandagings, equipment and wound care management items.

This new equine first aid kit is now available directly from EquiMedic USA, Inc., on their web site: www.equimedic.com, or from the many large national distributors who also retail all of the other complete EquiMedic USA emergency care kits.

The Large Barn First Aid Station joins its smaller but well established siblings, the Medium Barn Kit, rated to treat from four to ten horses and riders, and the Small Barn Kit, rated to treat from one to three horses and riders.

Other kits designed by EquiMedic USA, Inc., and owned by horse owners world wide, include the Economy Kit, Horn Bag Trail Riding Kit, Small and Large Trailering Kits, and the Professional Kit, another mobile wheeled caddy kit designed for professional horse facilities and venues. The Pro Kit offers more human products in addition to the numerous horse products for facilities that mix large numbers of humans and horses.

Check out this new equine first aid kit designed for large barns, at the EquiMedic web site: www.equimedic.com or look for it in the retail centers, catalogs, or web sites of your favorite provider of fine equine goods and services. An introductory 15% discount promotion will run through the end of May on this new kit, as well as the Medium Barn Kit and the Large Trailering Kit