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New Large Trailering Kit





Don’t start your engine unless your kit is on board ! Your EquiMedic USA first aid kit should always be within reach for the safety of your horses and you while traveling. If you haul the nation’s roadways with your horses in tow, the new EquiMedic Large Trailering First Aid Kit should be as handy to your trailer as your spare tire.  

Rated to service from four to ten horses, the new EquiMedic Large Trailering Kit joins its cousin, the Small Trailering Kit (rated for from one to three horses), that has been in the marketplace for two years now. These two traveling kits are designed to be kept in your trailer at all times and augment your EquiMedic Barn Kits, which always stays at home.  

“We’ve evolved into a very mobile equestrian society,” notes Dr. Rick Norton, equine practitioner from Lincoln, NE. “The days of hooking up and loading up a half dozen times a summer and trying to remember to throw your medical supplies in the trailer each time, are long gone,” he adds. The noted horse doctor sees many horse owners with great intentions, but who arrive at their destinations without any emergency supplies for their very active horse partners or themselves.  

All of EquiMedic USA’s full line of equestrian first aid kits are equipped to protect horse and rider. The new Large Trailering Kit features 59 different products and 342 items in a bright red soft sided kit, designed to travel the highways of the country in your saddle compartment or trailer tack room.  

Created to keep all of your emergency supplies well organized, and in handy reach with a variety of clear and solid pockets, zippered sections, and elastic loops, this kit is the ultimate as your traveling medical companion. This kit was specifically designed for horse owners pulling living quarters trailers hauling multiple horses and people.  

Whether you haul your horses for pleasure, recreation or competition, EquiMedic USA believes it is your personal responsibility to be prepared for anything, if you are ten miles away from home or a thousand miles down the road. The trailering series of first aid kits is one of their most popular products, and the new Large Trailering Kit is the final in the two-set series.  

“Today’s larger horse trailers see many miles of hauling, and your horse’s health should be ensured by having a quality first aid kit on board,” Dr. Norton contends.  

“On-site first aid until a veterinarian can take over is the owner’s responsibility,” he challenges. “The owner is normally the first on the scene and can have a positive role in theoutcome of the emergency if armed with the right first aid supplies and some common sense and knowledge,” he adds.

EquiMedic USA is the sole expert and world leader in designing and manufacturing horse and rider first aid kits. With six complete kits available to horse owners, the company has three more kits that will be available to the equestrian marketplace early in the future.

The Medium Barn Kit, will soon join the existing Economy, Small Horn Bag Trail Riding, Small Trailering, Large Trailering, Small Barn, and Professional Kits. The new medium kit will be rated for from four to ten horses and riders; and the large barn kit will be rated to service from eleven to eighteen horses and riders, when it becomes available to the market place.

Available through their web site: www.equimedic.com , EquiMedic USA offers their kits as complete kits, as well as offering a build your own feature so horse owners who desire creating a custom kit to meet their specific needs. EquiMedic also makes available all of their individual products and supplies and 70 optional products to augment these kits and replace used items. There are 6 kit styles to choose from, both soft and hard sided, including a large molded mobile caddy.  

“We hope that your EquiMedic first aid kit will be your best insurance against ever having to use it,” is the operating statement of this unique new century company. EquiMedic USA first aid kits are also sold by Smart Pak Equine, Dover Saddlery and Smith Brothers, as well as a host of regional tack and saddle shops.