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Re-Designed Trail Riding Equine Frist Aid Kit Bag


Re-Designed Trail Riding First Aid Kit Bag


EquiMedic USA, Inc. has made design changes to its Horn Bag Trail Riding Equine First Aid Kit. Introduced in 2003 as one of the core products of EquiMedic USA’s start up offering of a variety of equine first aid kits, to horse owners. Their trail riding kit has remained the dominant emergency kit for trail and rescue riders around the world. This summer EquiMedic is proud to introduce an improved horn bag design for this kit.

“We have added about 75% more storage room to our popular Horn Bag Trail Riding Kit bag,” announces EquiMedic USA, CEO Sharon Baker. “We design all of our kit bags to be only about half to two thirds full so that horse owners can add more products,” Baker explained. “But our own use of our Horn Bag Trail Riding Kit told us that even more room would be ideal when out on the trails and in the back country, riding away from the barn, camp or trailer,” she concluded.

The two flap pockets on the original design were flat exterior pockets, offering limited space for taking along extra personal or emergency supplies. The new design gives each flap pocket, one inch of depth, literally multiplying the storage capacity of each flap cover by 300%.

The two newly designed flap pockets offer the first and easiest access to any of the Horn Bag Trail Riding First Aid Kit compartments. “These are the outermost storage compartments in this kit, so we have added a tremendous amount of additional space so riders can add items such as cell phones, cameras, GPS units, sunglasses, or additional first aid supplies for the rider or horse,” explains chief kit designer Baker.

Trail Riding is synonymous with remoteness. Incidents and accidents can happen any time and in any location when working around horses. Emergency supplies should always be within easy reach of any horse involvement or sport. When trail riding, those supplies must be with the horse and rider.

EquiMedic USA’s Horn Bag Trail Riding Kit fits neatly on the saddle horn of any western saddle; or can be attached to any English or Aussie saddle, or modified trail riding saddle by the use of its attached D-rings.

EquiMedic’s Horn Bag Trail Riding Kit is rated for providing the emergencies needs of up to three horses and riders while trail riding. “All of our kits have some emergency products for humans to cover the needs of riders or handlers,” Baker explains. “Our trail riding kit offers 16 products that are specific to human needs,” she adds. Products such as sunscreen, insect repellent, analgesics, antibiotic ointment, sting relief, burn gel, and lip balm, accompany the many horse specific products, as well as items that can be used on horse or human.

EquiMedic USA, Inc., offers the only equine and rider trail riding first aid kit available to horse owners. The distinctive red horn bag is easily recognized on an organized or informal trail ride, and easily accessible for emergency need. The Horn Bag Trail Riding Kit is also very popular with Sheriff’s Posses, Mounted Patrols, and Equine Rescue Groups. There are a number of these specialty groups around the country who rely on these kits in their rescue capacities.

EquiMedic USA has the next two trail riding kits in its series for recreational riding designed and planned for future release. The Medium Trail Riding Kit will be a cantle bag and will be rated for from four to ten horses and riders. The Large Trail Riding Kit will come in a very specifically designed saddle bag and will be rated for use by from 11 to 18 horses and riders. The Medium Cantle Bag will have attachment features for combination to the Large Saddle Bag Kit, so that in combination they can serve a large group of trail riders.

The Horn Bag Trail Riding Kit is one of EquiMedic USA’s seven horse and rider first aid kits available in the market place. Other emergency equine kits include two trailering kits, two barn kits, an economy kit, and the large mobile floor standing Professional Kit. The specialty company also offers four small disposable wound care treatment kits. Products can be viewed and purchased at the company’s retail sale site: www.equimedic.com

The world leader in the design and manufacture of horse and rider first aid kits, the EquiMedic Kits are available for sale on their web site: www.equimedic.com, or from most large national equine retail distributors such as Smart Pak Equine, Dover Saddlery, Smith Brothers, Valley Vet, National Ropers Supply, KV Vet Supply, United Equine Vet Supply, Heartland Veterinary Supply and Big Dee’s. Many regional tack and saddle shops also feature these essential emergency kits.