EquiMedic USA, Inc.
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The World Leader !

No one in else in the world does what EquiMedic & PetMedic USA does.

We are the world leader in the design and manufacture of equine & companion animal first aid kits.

No one does equine & pet first aid like EquiMedic & PetMedic USA.

We offer you many ways to be best prepared in caring for your horse’s and pet's emergency
health care needs, well design user friendly, and fully outfitted First Aid Kits.

     Our emergency kits are rated to service the number of horses or pets that you need to care for,
and come in a variety of designs to meet your specific needs.

Shop our full line of complete equine and pet first aid kits for the model to fit your active or equestrian life style.

EquiMedic USA began over a decade ago with four core kits. Today we have twelve complete kits in the market place, plus a line of Disposable Mini Wound Care Kits, plus two sizes of pet kits.


Two more kits have been designed for the trail riding series, the medium and large; which will be introduced to the marketplace soon.  Most of our first aid kits will offer at least a few basic personal/rider first aid items. Our Professional Kit and Trail Riding Kits have more human items in them.

Our newer Jill Moody Signature Equine Kit and line of Complete Wound Care Kits have been designed for horses only; although many of those items can also be used for people.

All of our soft sided kits have been exclusively designed by EquiMedic USA, with very special and significant organizational features. Specially designed pockets, sections, dividers, mesh and clear pouches, zippered, hook and loop features, elastic loops, repositional walls, flaps, swivel hangers, and business card slots,are some of the unique features found only in EquiMedic soft sided equine first aid kits. 

  Several hard sided and molded cases are also utilized in presenting some of EquiMedic's unique specialty equine first aid kits. 

                    Our two largest kits come to you in multifaceted and fully featured mobile kits on wheels.



PetMedic USA - Companion Animal First Aid Kits

For the responsible pet owner, don't get caught empty handed with your pet in an emergency situation - Be Prepared. We offer our Basic and Deluxe companion animal first aid kits to meet the needs of any and all pets you might offer your home to. They depend on you, be their first responder !


EquiMedic & PetMedic USA is the only equine and pet first aid company in the world to furnish all of our restocking
and refill supplies so that our customers can maintain their kits fresh and well equipped.


We also offer a host of optional and additional supplies to

help horse owners to customize and upgrade their kits.