Stethoscope: Single Head

EquiMedic USA, Inc.

$ 13.49 

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All purpose exam stethoscope with a binaural head for more listening; offers good hearing; learn "normal" before trying to find abnormal with this instrument. Learn "normal" before trying to find abnormal in your equine partner, with this instrument; non latex.  Knowing what you are listening to with a stethoscope is a learned technique, so start practicing with your stethoscope as soon as you get it.  You'll never know what abnormal sounds like if you don't know what normal sounds like. If you question for instance that a horse might be colicing, compare his gut sounds to that of another horse who is acting fine. Remember to listen to both sides of your horse's belly, fore and aft, so a total of at least four quadrants, for gut sounds. A horse can collic in one area, and still have normal gut sounds elsewhere.  Refer to articles in our BLOG section on how to use your stethoscope. 

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